Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Tips on keeping your child safe while trick or treating in Renfrew Ontario.

We all want to have a safe and fun night for our kids, here are a few things to do before heading out to score some loot!

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1. Plan your route in advance.

Shortest route with the most houses is the way every kid and parent want to take, be sure to stay on streets you both know to avoid getting lost, map out the route in advance.

2. Wear comfortable shoes.

Sore legs and feet can lead to frustration while trick or treating, girls should avoid high heels and shoelaces need to be double-tied to avoid tripping in the dark.

3. Be Seen

Most costumes are dark in colour and hard to see at night, it’s a very good idea to apply reflective tape to your child’s costume so they can be seen by drivers on the road. Remember always to bring flashlights, kids love flashlights and it adds to the fun while lighting the path and being seen.

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4. Keep the costumes short

Long costumes may look great but tripping can lead to bruised knees and nasty scraps,  hem anything that is too long and may cause tripping.

5.  Choose the right mask.

Some masks make near impossible to see and breathe, be sure that your child can see and breathe properly. If at all possible use non-toxic make-up instead of a mask, kids love to paint their faces.

halloween candy

6.  Check your child’s loot.

Take time at the end of the night to sort through the nights haul with your child and throw away and candy not in it’s original wrapper, or it looks like it has been opened.